A cookbook

From her rural retreat in the wilds of Andalucia, Helen Bartlett creates a new world of gourmet vegan cuisine. Using a sensual yet practical approach, with imaginative dishes, elegant in their presentation and robust in flavour she takes a purist route encouraging an intuitive eating experience.

Be inspired to eat clean!

This beautifully conceived set of recipes illustrates her inventiveness and her ability to get the most out of simple ingredients resulting in food that really tastes, with depth of flavour, texture and colour. Fresh, warm, clean and light, this illuminated and sophisticated edition shines out.

Sample pages

Her unusual presentation is accompanied by an index enabling the reader to search with their senses, listing key notes such as pungent, fragrant, wet, dry and warming – and other benefits such as ‘detoxifying’ for dishes that are particularly light and cleansing, all aiding the reader to listen to the body’s needs and to prepare food accordingly.